The Shō (jap. 笙)


Unlike most other musical instruments, whose history goes back hundreds of years, there is the button accordion, in Russian Bayan, in its professional form only for several decades. The number of works composed for this instrument is relatively small. Maxim Shagaev therefore likes to take u.a. by Prof. Alexander Dmitriev

transcribed pieces back.

For Maxim Shagaev, born in Moscow, began at the age of five years, the intense involvement with this instrument. He's at the Conservatory in St. Petersburg

Studied as a button accordion player with Prof. Alexander Dmitriev and as a conductor with Prof.Preobrazhenskiy,

himself graduated from Prof. Musin, graduated with a red diploma.

It is the highest possible degree.

He is the first winner of renowned European competitions. inter alia .:

«Grand Prix of France», «Castelfidardo» in Italy -

with two additional awards and further competitions in Russia.

Chinese legends say that the form and sound of the instrument were modeled after the phoenix and its cry.

Origin of the modern bayan is a Japanese mouth organ whose predecessor is the Chinese Sheng, which is the oldest polyphonic wind instrument in the world.

The sound is created by blowing through an opening. As a result, an incised, coated metal blade is caused to oscillate in the pipe. Since both inhaled and exhaled air make the blade vibrate, the sound is continuous.

Defying millennia-old principle, the modern bayan is a technical miracle and every instrument is unique. Due to the special design, which is called "Casotto", the sound differs from all previously known instruments.